The process of developing  a productive, attractive website is defined with a sequence of steps. When followed, these steps help you to achieve a goal.

That goal should be considered the primary strategy of your company.

And we’ll help navigate that process.

With the whirlwind of daily business, you already have enough on your plate to worry about a website. That’s why important to have the right resources to create one.  You COULD build your own, or hire a permanent position to develop it, but why pay full time resources when that is both expensive and unnecessary.

Which is why AVWebmaster exists: To shorten the development process and therefore the cost AND to give you what your business needs to stay ahead in these times by showing the prospects that visit your website how professional and competent your company is and that you’ll provide them the same.

Here’s where we give you the best of both worlds.

The first part of that puzzle is to help you develop or review your branding strategy.

The second part is actual development.

But the process actually moves forward from there, beyond your first and second parts.

Are you going to be selling products or services?  You may need a shopping card which lets customers place orders for that product or services.

Are you going to have unpaid or paid members that you may want to subscribe to you product(s) or service(s)?

And finally, the website is never truly done…think about how you are going to use Google or another Search Engine to bring you prospects to it.  Even Social Marketing plays a part in presenting you and your business.