Why WordPress is Gaining Sudden Popularity

First, the stats.

wordpress-banner1. If you Google the word “wordpress” you’ll find it’s referenced on almost 2 Billion websites.

2. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system in use on the web powering over 60 million websites worldwide (source Wikipedia)

3. It’s used on over 22% of all new websites worldwide.

4. Because it’s open-source (read: free) it’s very popular with “plugin” developers. Plugins are simply add-ons that perform specific tasks or applications that take about a minute to install into your website, are usually free, and do some amazing things for your business. There are currently 24,580 plugins available, and 443,612,773.

5. It’s fast to develop a gorgeous website and the user can manage it themselves without a call to the webmaster!


Now, WHY is all this relevant? It’s because WordPress makes it so danged easy and cheap to build a WordPress website…and one that is attractive, easily navigated, organized, engaging, and professional.

You just have to pay for the domain and hosting (um check avbestwebhosting.com) and install WordPress (right from within the hosting service…well, most good ones)…and you have a shell website to work with (don’t worry, even though you are “live” only you’ll see it because by default WordPress is configured to “discourage” search engines).

Then you can select a Theme over the baseline. There are thousands of those available, many free, some pricey but generally you’ll get what you pay for in the theme.

Once the theme is in, you can go back and start readjusting things to taste–that includes the header banner, easy menu and submenu creation, content, sidebars (loaded with blocks called “widgets”), footers, blog and so on.

Then you are ONLINE and have web presence.

THEN you can include your favorite plugins.

I’ll give you an example of just ONE of the 24,500+ plugins.

One of my favorites is Contact Form 7. It’s a free plugin that lets me collect form information (say on the Contact us page) and send to your email in formatted fashion. This avoids the issue of giving out your email address directly on the page thereby allowing unsavory crawlers or bots from visiting your site, copying that email and putting your precious little email on a huge email list that the “harvester” will sell to people on a “confirmed email list”. It sure is confirmed, isn’t it? Contact Form 7 hides that email from visiting bots.

95% of my websites are built in WordPress because they are just so inexpensive and fast to build. Depending on the client’s commitment, the AV Webmaster team can deliver a fairly substantive 10-page website in under 2 weeks.

Call us or email us (pssst, you’ll see how a simple Contact Form 7 works, too).

If you want to see some samples, click here to see the Portfolio.

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