Why AVBESTWebHosting

When you host your website with AVWebHosting.com you’ll get more than just webhosting in the raw.

We provide a hands-on personal relationship with you, managing your website with great tender loving care.

When you host with us and your website was built by us, here’s what we will give you with your monthly payments:

  • 100% Uptime monitoring
  • Automatic Updates to WordPress versions
  • Automatic Updates to Plugins & Tools
  • Security updates as required (viruses, malware, hacks, phishing, rootkits, etc. for your website)
  • Email creation using your new domain
  • Theme updates as required
  • Watch over special WordPress notifications that affect your site
  • Updates to Godaddy
  • ICANN Site Verification review as required by law
  • Renewal notification management
  • Installation of Security packages (not included with regular website design and build)
  • Backup Management (weekly, plus removal of old backups)
  • 24 hr guarantee of restoral of website if hacked
  • Includes phone number, address changes and hours of operation at no extra charge for as long as you host with us.

If these benefits are attractive to you, consider hosting and this level of support with us!

Simply Click here to begin.

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