Dear Visitor:

As you have just discovered, I’ve removed the original website.

I’ve decided to move away from supporting Outlook.  For those of you that know me, you also know that I was exceptionally good at troubleshooting and solving problems for anything connected to Outlook. I’ve always loved helping people.

Outlook is changing.  The changes are appropriate given the technology now coming into new forefronts.  Google is a threat (that’s not a bad thing) and I fear that Outlook, although hasn’t quite seen it’s day is getting too big for moi.

But even beyond this I found that I am a more creative person than chasing problems.

I simply LOVE technology AND art, and thus, I have since become a webmaster, where I can harness both my passion for technology and art, and combine them together into beautiful, engaging websites (which I don’t see a lot of out there, actually.)

So thank you for the years of YOUR support and I wish you well on your desire to work better with Outlook.


Paul Wagner

P.S. Do look around my website in particular my portfolio.

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