You have a website that brings you prospects. How do you PROTECT your investment?

Your website is not a static entity.  As a result, without proper management it will eventually succumb to an attack creating a business nightmare.

You might think “Well, I’ll just have my hosting service restore the website if it get’s hacked”. And when the attack happens again (usually within hours) then what?  How do you STOP those attacks? New applications are arriving nearly daily and so are cyber-warfare criminals.  The frequency of attacks are NOT going to diminish!

You must protect yourself.

That’s why AVWebmaster offers a Maintenance Package which is reasonably priced and offers all the insurance you’re going to need to keep your site healthy, happy and running smoothly, year after year.

1. Updates

Maintenance - UpdatesThe cyber world is constantly evolving.  What was hot last month looks passe this month and tomorrow gives way to new brilliant ideas and applications. Alas, what appeared a solid application yesterday…may be fraught with internet holes tomorrow as a result of new cyber hacks from all over the world.

AVWebmaster keeps your website current with the latest versions of WordPress, Plugins, and Themes. With up-to-date versions you get the best features and functions for free included with your maintenance.  Additionally, comprehensive maintenance procedures  with the newest versions minimize the chances that you’ll be hacked and taken down.

2. Security

Information grenadeThe simple reality is that no one is 100% secure from Viruses, Malware, Hacks and so on.  But at AVWebmaster we bring the odds in your favor by exceeding the simple default built-ins that claim to protect you.

And in the rare event that you ARE hacked, we guarantee to have  you back up and running within 24 hours. 

Remember, the programs you’re running along with your html and css website are all constantly evolving, and we want to make sure that you stay up to date with those changes.

3. Backups

Maintenance - BackupsBackups are one of the most intriguing and misunderstood processes around.  Are you backed up? And what really does that mean? WHEN was it backed up? And where? In fact, an improper backup can throw your business into the trash heap.  Example.  Did you know that if you are running Carbonite (I recommend it) which backs up all of your data AND applications to both their servers and your 5 Terabyte backup hard drive will fail if you upgrade from Windows 8 to windows 8.1 and you don’t also upgrade your Carbonite to match?  That means your backup was actually no good.

We use Amazon S3 servers which provide secure and consistent backups. Your data can be backed up as often as you need, weekly or monthly and we’ll hold onto 4 database backups and a monthly full backup.

4. Platform Monitoring

Maintenance - WebsiteWe track special Hosting and WordPress notifications that may affect your site so you can stay worry-free.

  • ICANN Site Verification review as required by law
  • Renewal notification management
  • Worpress version upgrade review
  • We’ll let everyone who’s on maintenance know if there is an important release or announcement (remember Heartbleed?)


AVWebmaster pays for special services for you so your backups are safe, available AND usable.


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