Launch Your Website

So, you’ve built your website and you are ready to launch.  The first question you likely have is…

Um, “what’s a launch”?

So, let’s tackle that first.

Launching means you have reviewed your site for consistency (no broken links).  It means you have carefully gone through building your links, both inbound and outbound.  You have built in your Google Analytics into every page.  You have your SEO readied for each and every page, including your meta-tags, meta-descriptions and so forth.

Then you tell the search engines who you are and how to find you.  You tell them what pages to “crawl” and which ones to avoid.

Then you sit back and wait for traffic?


Now you begin the tenacious work of building yourself up through the rankings.

You start adding posts to your blog on a regular basis.  Google will reward you handsomely for this–if they are truly relevant.

You update your ping list to inform the hundreds of other search engines that you bring fresh information to them.

You go out and you find videos and add them.

You put yourself into social media: Facebook, Linked-in, YouTube, Google+, and a dozen others.

Then you open up a Google Adwords campaign, build the campaign, create groups and keywords that will put you into the world relevant to your keyword phrases.  As your campaign grows, you’ll start seeing results;  your visitors will steadily grow, and, if you have correctly built your website to be found, be engaging, be relevant and be accountable…

You will begin making sales of which some money will go back into your Google Adwords Campaign and then you complete the positive loop while you see even more visitors.

A website is like a child–you have to feed it and care for it, but, after the proper attention and care, will grow into a monster marketing engine.

And finally, if you have built it well, will take care of you automatically through Internet Marketing, through Search Engine Marketing, Optins, and all of those wonderful automatic payments that can be built in to support you for years to come.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Give me a call so we can talk about what has happened with some of my clients.

Let’s do “launch” together, anytime you’re ready.

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