Branding And Reputation



When you brand your image you are making a statement about who you are, what you stand for.  It is the quintessential identifier about you and your business.  Your logo should be simple and easily recognizable.  Consider how well known the Nike logo is, or the Coca-Cola logo.

The secret to good branding is it must go on every piece of literature and advertising that you put into public view, direct or online.  That will make your brand well-known and easily recognized.

Be careful with your colors and complexity.  We highly recommend having it done professionally.  And that is not expensive.  You can have a great logo made for about $100 at 48hourslogo. Here you will get a chance to have many submissions where you get to decide and interact with multiple designers.  You pay only one at the end and they deliver your logo in all forms: .jpg, .png., .eps, black and white and split into components from a photoshop .psd (to use say on Facebook).


Once you have your logo, you can move ahead with your reputation.

Ideally, you would want what is called a 5-Star Reputation.  That is where you have been collecting the best testimonials, where your clients have been quite satisfied with your work and appreciate it with rating you with the highest marks–5 Stars.

Even if you have bad ratings, your ranking can be improved by burying those bad ratings with enough good ones.  But it you have bad or average rankings, the effort comes with a price–you must genuinely improve your services until you CAN get 5-stars.

As you collect more and more 5-star ratings, you can publish them collectively (we’ll show you how).

We can also show you how to overcome these common issues:

  • Your company is not listed on the appropriate directory sites
  • Company has multiple bad reviews & poor or no ratings
  • Company does not have enough reviews to be trusted
  • Company has no reviews
  • Company has no reputation monitoring system
  • Company has no review posting strategy

These are just a few of the common issues that companies may have.

If any of these are your issues, you should call us.

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