Best Social Strategies

Social MediaSocial Media is many things to many people.

Most people think of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter as the most prevalent options for Social Media.

And they would be right.

But social media is really a lot more.

And the strategies for using them to their full potential is almost mind-blowing.

As social media users, we’re constantly presented with content when we scroll through our favorite sites, and for most of us, we check these places multiple times per day. Social media has become an incredible resource for staying updated on current events, connecting with friends or family, and engaging with businesses online. For brands looking to leverage the popularity of different social platforms to reach the ever-growing users of those online communities, social media campaigns can be incredibly effective…if you make use of it. Building brand recognition or fostering brand loyalty—both of which can contribute to significant business growth—are often generated through social media.

Once you have presence in social media, you can begin working it in such a way as to improve your rankings–both in page rank and the Google 7-pack.

Here’s an example.  Whenever you make a post on a directory, ALWAYS make sure that your Name, Address and Phone number are ALWAYS EXACTLY stated.  That includes commas and periods.

Here’s another example:  Make sure that you use the same banner (or cover) picture in ALL your social media.  Yeah, I know, but they’re all different sizes and shapes.  An arduous task to be sure, but people will expect that of you.

Or, you can simply have us do it for you under one of our packages.  Contact us.